Friday, September 6, 2013

(swam September 5, 2013)

Location: Bear YMCA, Bear, DE, SCY Inside, very warm pool
Time: 11:00-11:30
Distance: 2500 yards

Was one of those days yesterday. Drove all the way across town. Having some stomach pains from what has been an ovarian cyst. Knew the swim would be a challenge but also that swimming is much more realistic than a run when not feeling well.  Got to the pool with the sign we all fear. "Pool closed due to contamination. Will reopen at 7:00 pm" (note it was only 10:00 am when I arrived.) Ugh. Threw me all off. There aren't any other outdoor pools open in the area after Labor Day. Welcome to the North. I grew up in Florida where we swim outside year around. The Western Y's indoor pool is known to be hot. My other option was to drive across town to a different Y with an indoor pool, in hopes it wouldn't be 90 degrees. 
So that's what I did. Only 3 lap lanes available. Pool was very warm. Maybe upper 80's. Felt great until I started actually swimming. Ha oh well. Did 2500 yards and called it a day once an elderly man asked to share a lane with me and hit me good each time he swam by me :) 
Some day I will own my own lap pool.........

Warm up- 2 x 500's free
500 Pull
500 Kick
2 x 250's Free swim

=2500 pathetic yards.....

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