Saturday, September 7, 2013

Location: Western YMCA, Newark, Delaware, SCM Outdoor pool
Time: 9:100-10:30
Distance: 6000 Meters/6500 Yards

YAY!!!! Finally I got in some decent distance. Finally some motivation. Maybe what's motivating me is  the Memphre swim in which my swim buddies are partaking in as I type here. I was actually signed up to do that swim this year. But then knew with a service dog coming that I wouldn't be able to train like I needed to.  I attempted Memphre (25 miles from VT to Canada) as a relay a few years ago and the cold got to me (surprise..ha but not just me. Many others pulled for cold or injuries) I was a crew person for my best buddy, Bill Shipp, last year as well for Memphre. Witnessing that swim was extraordinary. These marathon swims are intriguing. I love swimming in the dark myself. But it's also a time when it's cold and quiet. I did a 10 mile training swim last year for Memphre and my goal was 17 miles. I made 10. Again. The cold got me. Most of the swimming was in the dark. And even once daylight hit, it was a cold and rainy Fall day. Picked a bad day for that swim!

So...rambling here. Back to the topic of today's swim. 
Super sunny with some chill to the air. I thought this morning, "oh perfect..I can swim in some colder conditions." Well, HA. The pool is now heated and too damn hot. The sun was also blazing down on me. So, that took some time to get accustomed too. 

Here's my workout.....I liked it actually. :)

2000 Free swim
1500 Pull (I'll admit my left shoulder started hurting. I'm always curious why my right shoulder never hurts. I must be a tad off balance and pulling more instead of rotating my body .. work on this!!)
1000 Kick with Fins
800 Free

(......hit 5300 and said oh shoot, gotta make this even....
200 rotating breaststroke and Free easy

(....well shoot I made it to 5500. Why not just get to 6000....?)

5 x 100's swimming the first 25 of each butterfly. 

=6000 Meters DONE.

I probably could have kept going. I was on a roll. But knew I had family waiting for me back home.
Finally. Something over 4000. Ready to up my yardage on a regular basis. Time to get to work here.:) 

Time to go check on the progress of my swimmer friends, including Sarah Thomas swimming a DOUBLE Memphre (50 miles!) She just swam a double Lake Tahoe 6 weeks ago! WOW WOW WOW!!!


  1. Can you describe the pain? I had several issues with my left shoulder and had some calcific bursitis removed, but then afterwards had a partial rotator cuff tear that I had surgery for and now it is awesome. Haven't had much trouble with it since then.

    Are you taking any ibuprofen after your long swims? That might help. I actually take it every day like a vitamin. It keeps the inflammation from overuse down and I think it helps. I take 800 mg every morning and shoulder issues are kept at bay.

    Nice job today. That's some good work right there!

  2. Shoulder pain much better today! I do take ibuprofen but not everyday. Always worry about side effects from it (stomach or bleeding issues?)
    Hard to describe pain but its better so I won't worry to much about it:)