Saturday, September 14, 2013

Location: Western YMCA, Newark, Delware. SCM Outdoor Pool
Time:2:00-3:00 pm
Distance: 3000 Meters

Last day of the outdoor pool. Sigh. I grew up in Florida training outside year around. It's been years since swimming outside since my high school days. I do enjoy it.  The unpredictable weather makes the swims more interesting indeed!

Weather was on the chilly side. My car said 65 when I pulled up to the pool. Breezy and mostly cloudy. Someone joked that we were the Polar Bear club. Ha the dude has no idea what temperatures I've swam in (mostly to help train my friend, Lelane, with her ice swim !)  Never forget the day of Lelane's Ice Swim. She probably picked the coldest day of the year. It hurt to stand outside. Brrr...I swam Lelane in to yes, a wetsuit, neoprene hat, gloves. ha. I was still freaking shaking like a leaf for an hour after that swim with her!

Anyway, not feeling great lately. Super stuffy nose. Difficult to get enough air while swimming. Like swimming with a clothes pin on your nose. Fun! Sinuses clogged and achy. Yay. Mind over matter. Not sure when to call it quits some days.

1000 Warm Up
1000 Kick w/fins
5 x 100's pull
500 steady pace

=whopping 3000 Meters. Wasnt pretty but still enjoyable to swim outside one last time!!!!

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