Sunday, September 1, 2013

Location: Western YMCA, Wilmington, Delaware, Outdoor SCM Pool
Time: 11:15-12:30 pm
Distance: 4200 meters

Didn't swim as much as mentally, I wanted to. But physically not feeling well still (side pain), so happy with 4200 meters in an hour and 15 minutes. I am working on being mentally tougher. I swear swimming is like 80% mental. When I have self doubt, negative thoughts running through my head, I swim slow. If I can just flip that switch when I need to, I can do anything!!! All about believing in yourself, being in the moment, and swimming each swim like it's your last!!

600 Warm Up
300 Fast

500 Pull (Gosh I really love pulling)
200 strong
400 Kick with fins
100 Sprint
600 Pull
300 Fast
500 Pull
5 x 100's odd's IM, even's Free
200 Cool Down

=4200 meters/4500 yards

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