Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Location: Western YMCA, Delaware, SCY Outdoor pool
Time: 11:45-1:00 pm
Distance: 4000 yards

Ok. Promise you won't see a blog post tomorrow. I actually waited around this morning for the UPS guy to show up with my Waterproof Ipod (early birthday present). Gave me 24 hours recovery since last swim.... Anyway, I've used music off and on over the years. I'm not sure it's good to use all of the time. I don't want to rely on music so much that when I can't use it (e.g.-Bear Lake crossing), I won't go completely insane. Sometimes I even take the music off after half the workout. But come on, how can Justin Timberlake not help keep my groove going?

So my two swimmer buddies showed up again. Competitive swimmers. Honestly it's a rare find around this area. Neither of them talk to me nor even say hello. Weird swimmers. We are all to proud for our own good maybe. Maybe someday they will be so impressed by my swimming abilities they will ask what I'm training for and I can share my goals. (ha keep dreaming Alison). For now, it's all in my own head. Maybe I'll keep it that way.

So, DAY 10 of swimming. 

Altered workout from what was given:

1000 warm up (choose not to pull..swam it all Free)

8 x 25 swimming with focus and strong kick. ( HAD to throw in some butterfly. I love butterfly...for 25's  anyway )

6 x 200 (1,4th easy, 2nd and 5th strong, 4th high effort).....I noticed something I've never felt during this set today. Chest pain. I don't mean like heart attack type pain but more like either my lungs or just my chest muscles hurt. I got better as I continued but for a few 200's I was hurting.)

50 easy recover

4 x 200 moderate pace (ok so I pulled on two of these..burned out beyond belief at this point)

50 easy recover

2 x 200 hard (swam one and kicked one..sorry..complete toast)

100 easy

200 pull easy 

=4000 SCY

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