Friday, September 6, 2013

Location: Western YMCA, Newark, Delaware, SCY Outdoor pool
Time:  9:30-10:45
Distance:  3500 yards

Glorious Friday morning but I'll admit I was moving slow today. The outdoor temperature has finally dropped. I love it. I enjoy the challenge of swimming outside when the temperatures drop. I know its what I need to work on A LOT more to prepare for Bear Lake next year. It's not that the cold bothers me that much, however my body is unpredictable, suffering from hypothermia after only 8 miles in VT this past July. I am hoping that it was all caused by a long time medication I was taking. I soon after had medically induced Lupus. I've been fine ever since getting off the medicine and hope never to get hypothermia so easily ever again.

Anyway, I was kinda in a grumpy mood. You know. The negative self talk "I don't wanna be here. Where are all the good looking guys today? ( hey I can look..) Gosh, I need music so bad and my darn Ipod is broken". Ha all of that. I did find that after about 500 yards into swimming my attitude changed some. I started feeling more confident and more into race mode if you want to call it that.:) Again, swimming is so mental. For me anyway. 

So, WITHOUT a workout from Mr. Gordon..hint hint....I just made it all up as I went along. I'm too easy on myself and can't do this much longer.

1000 warm up Free, moderate pace
4 x 250's pull Free
5 x 200's kick with fins
2 x 250's swim

=3500 yards

I know. It's time to up the yardage. I've been swimming for like a week straight. Ha ..that in itself is an accomplishment for me I'd say lately.:)
Debating on an outside, ow swim tomorrow with maybe the jellies or just a long SCM swim outside...............hmmm......

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